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LABORATORY SERVICES PRICE LIST [ Prices do not include G.S.T. ]

For work commenced after 1st July 2008

GREEN POD: $20.00 (2 x Mother Flasks sown)
DRY SEED: $30.00 (2 x Mother Flasks sown)


$25.00 per flask of 35 plants.
$20.00 per flask of 25 plants.
$18.00 per flask of 20 plants.
$14.00 per flask of 10 plants.

CLONING SERVICE (Cymbidium, Cattleya & Oncidium alliances)
$100.00 per 50 plants [minimum],
thereafter $1.25 per additional plant up to 350 plants
Over 351 plants $ 1.10 each

Phalaenopsis cloning from flower stems :- $50.00 per plant
[up to 10 nodes total – may be more than one stem ]
Minimum 100 plants @ $1.50 each

Add $0.70 per plant to seedling or mericlone rates, as applicable above. (Minimum 100 plants)

We produce good plants with healthy root systems.

The following guidelines need to be followed when sending us materials:

  1. Assure that pods are old enough for fertilisation of seeds to have occurred.
  2. Pack the pod(s) or explant for cloning to protect them from crushing & damage during postage and ideally post to avoid weekends.
  3. Pack pods in tissue paper or similar dry material and do not seal in plastic bags. Place wrapped pod in crush-proof dry container.
  4. Phalaenopsis flower stems should be packed to protect them from crushing but be sent without water tubes and be sent by Express Post or equivalent rapid service.
  5. If collecting ripe DRY SEED it is IMPERATIVE that you remove it from the pod as quickly as possible and dry it in an airy [but not windy] warm location as soon as possible to avoid contamination of the seeds by fungus before posting or storing it. Once dry it is best sealed in clean, DRY glass containers or snap-seal plastic bags and stored in the refrigerator until sent for sowing. In humid areas it is wise to assist seed to dry using reactivated Silica Gel. [ Re-activate silica gel by heating gel to 110 0 C for 15 minutes in the oven before use & wait until it has just cooled before placing in a closed container with the seeds
  6. Advise us how many final replates will be needed.
  7. Contact us prior to sending material for cloning.
  8. Freight on flasks and / or bare root, deflasked seedlings will be charged at current Courier or 'Express Post' rates at the time unless otherwise negotiated.


Western Orchids Laboratory

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A 30ml cloning flask

Protocorms - solid cloning

Protocorms - liquid cloning

Orchid seed

Freshly sown seed

Freshly sown seed

Orchid seed ready for replating

Young orchid seedlings

Orchid Protocorms

Protocorms - ready to be cut for multiplication

Cymbidium flask

Dendrobium flask

Dehydrated medium





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